How to choose the color of the dress for the type of beauty?

You've probably tried on clothes more than once that emphasized the shapes beautifully and you liked it very much. And yet… something was wrong. Your skin felt gray or too pale in combination with the color of the fabric. Unfortunately, some colors don't match your skin tone. The color theory works well not only in art - it is also an important element of fashion and good style. Even the most beautiful clothes will not look good if you do not match them with the tone of your own complexion.

Basic differences in skin tones

At first glance, we can recognize that there are several types of skin tone: light, combination, and dark. Of course, that's a simplification. Each complexion has tones that directly determine what suits our face. People with a predominance of warm shades will "fade" in all pastels, while their beauty will be emphasized by vivid, intense colors. Women with pink complexion will look good in cool and cool colors.

Vegacart - Chiffon dress with buttons


What dress for fair skin ?

Blue, green and pastel violet - these are the colors in which every owner of a cool complexion looks beautiful. Elegant white or cold roses will perfectly emphasize your beauty. The yellowish, though still pale skin will gain warmer shades then. Orange, brown, off-white will emphasize your strengths and brighten your face. Vivid red will also work great. In this outfit you will feel sexy and self-confident. It is the perfect choice for a wedding or party. If you are looking for an everyday summer dress, choose peach, warm pink, or light blue.


Vegacart - chiffon dress with a neckline

What dress suits an olive complexion?

Olive complexion is considered the most capricious shade of complexion, which effectively makes it difficult to find the right colors for clothes. The color of the dress we choose depends mainly on the shades of the clothes. Earthy skin, with a predominance of green tones, will look good with navy blue or graphite. Your complexion will also love the subdued colors of red, burgundy, dark green or plum. However, watch out for any warm and unambiguous colors - black and white can "put you out".

Olive complexion draws on all tones. If you are looking for the right outfit for a wedding , choose dresses in bottle green , burgundy or navy blue. In stores you will find a wide selection of clothes in such shades.


Vegacart - Butterfly dress


Dark complexion - what color of the dress to choose?

Tanned or dark skin is a beautiful background for expressive colors. Virtually all strong and even neon colors: fuchsia, yellow, vivid green will look great with this type of beauty. You also don't have to worry about skin tones. Regardless of whether you wear cold blue or fiery red - in both cases you will effectively attract eyes. Thanks to the dark complexion, you can forget about the rules and choose exactly what you like. For lovers of elegance and minimalism, we recommend subdued earth colors, navy blue and maroon.

Choosing the color of the dress does not have to involve many hours of thinking. Trust your own intuition - compare a few colors with each other, putting them on your face. Soon you will feel which shades suit you. Wedding, party, or maybe a family celebration? Choosing the right color of clothes, you will surely shine on the dance floor!