Lazy lipstick

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Lazy Lipstick

Even you forgot to bring your mirror, you can still apply the lipstick evenly without any hustle with Lazy Lipstick. It is designed to cover your whole lips. Just rub your lips on it and you'll get perfect lip makeup.

Lazy Lipstick gives a beautiful matt finish but still keeps your lips soft and moisturized. It's so long-lasting and waterproof that it will not smudge or leave any marks on the cup after drinking water.


Vegacart - Lazy Lipstcik



Unique Shape:

Designed to cover the entire lips so you don't need a mirror to apply color evenly. Just put the lipstick between your lips to apply.


No marks will be left on the cup.

Matt finish:

Gives a velvety matt finish. Moisturizing:

Ensure your lips are soft. Prevent chapped lips, looking dull and dry.


Perfect for a rainy day, pool party, and beach day.


It stays on your lips all day long.


Color: 12 colors are optional

Package size: 6*15.5*22.5 (cm)

Size: 7.5*6.8CM


Vegacart - Lazy Lipstick

Vegacart - Lazy Lipstick

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