How to wear a flared skirt?

Let's look at the short history of a skirt full of charm .Flared skirts conquered the world of fashion in the 1940s and 50s of the twentieth century, all thanks to Christian Dior, whose first collection was hailed as New Look - the designs delighted with a unique and modern cut for those times. The designer revolutionized the image of the female figure to date, proposing sensual outfits emphasizing the waist and giving the figure the shape of an hourglass. Dior then presented to the world a set consisting of a fitted jacket fastened with buttons and a flared skirt reaching mid-calf. Full of charm and femininity, the offer delighted all the gathered, leading fashion magazines, but above all ordinary women who wanted to move away from uniforms or uniforms.

Flared skirts and dresses created by the French designer won the hearts of such movie stars as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot.

Flared skirt - what do we love it for?

A skirt that flares downwards is one of the most fashionable styles when it comes to this garment. Women all over the world love flared skirts for their charm and a wide range of styling possibilities.

The flared skirt undoubtedly gives the female silhouette a girlish charm. What's more - it is an extremely universal cut that will be suitable for women of all ages and will be suitable for almost any occasion.

It's the type of skirt that can work wonders! Flared skirts perfectly mask small flaws of the figure, at the same time emphasizing the advantages of our figure. It is difficult to pass by them indifferently. This skirt cut is invariably one of the most frequently chosen cuts not only among Polish women, but also among women around the world.

The extendable models are a real must-have regardless of the season. All thanks to the fact that they are available in mini, midi and maxi lengths. Of course, not only the length is important, but also the material from which it is made. Light, flared skirts are more likely to be worn in summer, while in winter, a skirt made of more fleshy material will create a perfect set with opaque tights and fashionable ankle boots.

Flared skirts - what to wear them with?

A flared skirt can be combined with a white basic t-shirt and comfortable sneakers, as well as with a lace top and classic high heels. There are a lot of variants and that is why it is worth having at least one flared skirt in your wardrobe, with the help of which you can create unique sets both for everyday and festive occasions.

In recent seasons, midi length has definitely reigned supreme. A flared midi skirt, reaching to the knees or mid-calves, looks very elegant and stylish. However, it is worth choosing shoes, at least with a small heel, to avoid optical shortening of the legs.

On cooler days, a flared skirt with a warm sweater or fitted turtleneck will create a perfect duo, complemented by eye-catching accessories and high boots. This outfit will be perfect for both a date and an afternoon autumn walk with a friend with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Or maybe you are looking for an idea for styling for work? A flared skirt in combination with a shirt blouse tucked inside and delicate jewelry is a fashionable combination that is perfect for an office or a business meeting.

If you are wondering what outerwear will best match a skirt with a flared bottom, we suggest - an elegant coat and a leather jacket will be irreplaceable! A timeless biker jacket, breaking the girlishness of a flared skirt, will add a slightly predatory character to the styling. Heavier boots or sneakers on the platform will create an original urban look that no one will be indifferent to.

On the other hand, a women's coat is a must-have, which in combination with a flared skirt will create an original, feminine set. Importantly - the coat should not cover the entire skirt, otherwise our silhouette would lose its lightness.

A skirt for special tasks 

Regardless of whether you decide on models sewn from a circle or slightly widening downwards in the shape of the letter A - in both of these cases they will create extremely effective stylizations! Flared skirts can usually be found with a slightly raised or high waist, which makes the waist wonderfully emphasized, and the proportions of the figure will be properly balanced. If you want an even greater body shaping effect, it is worth paying attention to models with a belt sewn in at the waist height.

If you've been worried about flared skirts so far, it's unnecessary! After all, this is a cut simply created for special tasks.

For ladies with a boyish silhouette, a wide skirt will add roundness, while for women with an hourglass silhouette, it will emphasize its greatest asset - the waist. For ladies with a pear figure, a skirt with this cut will hide imperfections such as wide hips or massive thighs.