Pillow with Arm Hole Arched Shape

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Pillow with Arm Hole Arched Shape

Kiss numb arms goodbye with this pillow with an armhole in a unique U-arch shape! With this comfortable pillow, you can now sleep close to your lover. This pillow has an armhole where you can slip your hands through and prevent numbness due to the block in your arm’s blood flow. It has a comfortable memory foam material and it is perfect for arm sleepers too! This pillow has so many purposes. Plus, it has an ergonomic design for the comfort of the users! This pillow supports your neck while providing you a comfortable sleep and rest. You may also use this pillow when you are laying on your lover’s leg. Since the pillow has a U shape, you can turn it upside down and use the back portion when you are sleeping. The structure of the pillow provides maximum support and comfort to your neck and head.


There are so many uses for this pillow. It is literally the pillow that you can use anywhere and anytime you want. What makes this pillow unique is its arch design that gives the user maximum support and comfort. Moreover, it also from memory foam material so it is super comfortable when you are sleeping. This pillow will give you the sleep that you deserve! You can even use this pillow on your tabletop in your office when you are taking short naps during your break.

Gift Item

Give this pillow as a gift for someone’s birthday or as a Christmas present! It is a unisex product so you can give it even as a corporate gift to a loyal customer. This product is very useful. So, your recipient will surely love this product. This pillow is everything that you need for a comfortable sleep at night.


  • This pillow has an armhole where you can slip your hands through and prevent numbness on your arms while you are sleeping
  • It is a multi-purpose pillow that you can use for sleeping on your desktop, for arm sleepers, and when laying on someone’s lap
  • It has a comfortable shape and it is made of memory foam material that is guaranteed to give you a relaxing sleep
  • Material: ice silk jacket, full cotton jersey inner sleeve, 100% polyurethane (slow rebound memory foam) pillow core, ABS plastic steel skeleton
  • Size: about 35 x 30 x 13 x 6cm
  • Individual package weight: 530 grams
  • Product Content:1 x Pillow with Arm Hole  + Case

    Product size: 35 long * 30 wide * 13 high * 6 thick CMundefined


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