Cell Phone Neck Holder Rotatable Head

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Cell Phone Neck Holder Rotatable Head

This cell phone neck holder is for every person who loves watching videos on his phone but hates holding it upright. With this phone neck holder, you no longer have to hold your phone while watching movies or series. This phone holder is very easy to use. You just have to wear it around your neck and it holds your phone in front of you. Moreover, the frame of the holder itself is flexible so you can adjust it to your preference. You can also adjust the head because it’s rotatable 360-degrees! This phone holder has rubber padding for your neck for the user’s comfort. The phone holder itself is also adjustable and can hold phones and tablets that are 4.5 to 10 inches long. So, the next time you need a holder for your phone, think about this neck phone holder. It’s truly a life changer!


There are so many ways that you can use this phone holder. First, you can use it around your neck. So you do not have to hold your phone while watching movies, videos, or making video calls on your phone. Another way to use it is that you can bend the tail part to make it like a stand so this holder can stand on its own. Aside from that, you can also hang it on your car’s headrest. So you can watch movies inside the car without holding your phone. Moreover, if you straighten the frame like a rod you can make a selfie stick out of it. This phone holder is definitely worth your money.

Rotatable Head

One great feature of this phone holder is that you can actually rotate the head 360 degrees. So you can watch from your phone from different angles without compromising your comfort.

✅ Compatible with: all smartphones; Such as for iPhone X; For iPhone 8 Plus; For Huawei Mate 10 Lite / Mate 10 Pro; For Samsung Galaxy Note 8;
For Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus; For Samsung S9 Plus Ect.
✅ Special design: hands-free viewing and 360 ° rotation
✅ Material: plastic and foam
✅ More convenient when watching TV or playing games and so on


Holder size: 125x65mm
Weight: about 250g



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