Electric Fryer Intelligent Air Fryer

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Electric Fryer Intelligent Air Fryer

This electric fryer will let you relish your favorite food without the extra calories. No matter how much we try to avoid oily and unhealthy foods, there are times we crave for it. Even those who are very conscious of their health, they tend to have cheat days. Almost everyone has their cheat days where they can eat whatever they want. But with it, no matter if it’s cheat day or not, they still watch what they eat. They can eat what they crave but in moderation. Like they always say, too much of something is not good for the health. This intelligent fryer will be excellent for you to use if you want to cook your food. Instead of buying outside, get this electric fryer if you want to save money.

Easy and Convenient To Use

This electric fryer is so easy to use. You can use this intelligent air fryer if you want to bake, grill and roast. You can use little or no oil at all if you cook your favorite food using this fryer. Are you craving for fried chicken, French fries or steak? Well, no worries! With all those yummy foods, you will be able to cook for yourself using this air fryer. At the convenient of your home, you can cook it without going out to buy it. Moreover, foods become yummier if it is homemade and you exert effort to cook it. Your family is going to love and appreciate all the foods that you are going to prepare for them.

7 Popular Food Presets

Furthermore, this electric fryer has 7 food presets that you can easily access. It will be convenient for you to use it for cooking some of the most popular dishes. You can both cook meat and vegetable using this intelligent air fryer. Plus, it has a start and a stop button so you can change time and the temperature in the middle of your cooking.



Safety function: automatic power off
Power supply mode: AC
Rated voltage: 220v
Rated power: 1300w
Rated frequency: 50
Body material: plastic
Heating method: hot air circulation
Capacity: 2.6 / 3.5L
Electric Fryer Type: Air Fryer
Product size: 32.5 * 27.4 * 31.4cm
Power: 13000
Control method: touch
Applicable number: 2-3



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