Bathroom Storage Toothbrush Holder

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Bathroom Storage Toothbrush Holder

Having an organized and clean house makes it look more elegant and straightforward. Your bathroom needs to be one of your priorities when cleaning and organizing your home. It is a delicate part since more bacteria and germs live there. You should maintain cleanliness and keep it organized for your health and safety. Having a dirty and cluttered bathroom is unhygienic. You should have storage for your stuff in your bathroom to keep it organized, and you can see what you are looking for quickly. This Bathroom Storage Toothbrush Holder is a multifunctional tool that keeps your things in place and makes you store your toothbrushes clean.

Multifunctional Storage

Getting the right organizer needs to have a spacious area where you can place your bathroom necessities. And this storage is the perfect tool to help you organize your things. It has lots of functions that will benefit you. The first one is a toothbrush holder. It has multiple holders that can store up to 6 toothbrushes. Keeping your toothbrushes here makes it clean and sanitary with its concealed structure that is dust-proof and has proper ventilation.

Moreover, this bathroom storage has magnetic adsorption that holds the toothbrush cups invertedly. This function helps maintain cleanliness by making your cup drained with water. It prevents having molds in your bowl. Furthermore, installing this storage is easy and punch-free. You only need to tear off the sticker on the back, and you can place it anywhere you want.

More Features

Made from ABS material that is safe and odorless. It has a spacious countertop where you can place your bottles of lotion, facial wash, or anything that you like. Also, it has a small drain hole that lets the water drained so that the water will not stay on top. This storage has a phone base design where you can place your phones while you are inside the bathroom. You can enjoy listening to music while taking a bath. It also has a pull-out compartment that lets you place small item s that you like.

✅ High material: in PP. No smell, nontoxic, safe, and hygienic, improve your toiletries for health.
✅ Cup upside down: the cups can be placed upside down for drainage and the water stains in the cup can be quickly dried.
✅ Large space: well-organized toothbrush holder, light and compact, has enough storage to put toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, other gadgets organized in the bathroom.
✅ Easy installation: The toothbrush holder is an easy installation without damaging the wall and a durable, no-trace sticker for long-lasting use.

Blue color; Grey
Material: PP / ABS
Installation: Sticker

With 2 CUPS: 23 * 10 * 18.5 cm
With 3 CUPS: 30 * 10 * 18.8 cm
With 4 CUPS: 37 * 10 * 18.8 cm

Package Content:
1 * toothbrush holder
1 * sticker
2/3/4 * cup


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