Portable LED Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder

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Portable LED Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder

The  Portable LED Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder can make your selfies even more bomb! This selfie ring light can sure get you that perfect selfie. You can choose between two sets of packages: package one includes an LED Ring Light, a mini ball head, a USB Plug, and a Phone clip. While package 2 consists of the following: a 20cm ring light, a ball head, 1USB Plug, 1 Selfie stick, 1 Mini Tripod, a Bluetooth shutter, and a Phone clip. It has a 5W power supply and a 200cm power cord length. It is also made from aluminum alloy material which makes it durable and sturdy. And because this LED selfie ring light is portable, it is perfect for outdoor use such as photo and video shoots. You can also use it indoors to make sure you always have good lighting for your selfies.

Why You Should Buy It 

There’s no denying that this  Portable LED Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder is excellent for selfies. But, there are other uses for it. The ring light can be used to improve lighting for photoshoots and video shoots. With the use of a tripod, you can stabilize it and ensure that you get good light with every shot. You can also use it as additional lighting while doing your makeup. This product is perfect for all–photographers, videographers, and makeup artists!

Dimmable and Safe

The Portable LED Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder has a unique feature which is that it is dimmable. Its dimming range is from 1%-100%, and there are three adjustable colors available: white light, warm light, and soft light. Finally, it has no ultraviolet and infrared light radiation, and has low heat output; it prevents overheating and is, therefore, safe.


1. Interface: 1/4 universal screw hole 

2. Power: 5w power supply 5v 

3. Power cord is 200cm long 

4. Material: aluminum alloy + pc


Dimensions: The dimensions without the light ring are as follows:

Tripod with selfie stick minimum working height: 35cm

Maximum working height of the tripod with a selfie stick: 107cm

The USB line of the beauty lamp is 200cm long, and the light is 10 bright and 3 color temperatures

Ring light outer diameter: 26cm/10inch

Lamp beads: 60 cold light lamp beads, 60 warm light lamp beads, 48 RGB lamp beads

Color temperature: 2700K-6500K plus RGB

Lumens: 3600L

Power: 12W

Voltage: 5V2A

Interface: 4/1

Lamp ring shell material: ABS+PC

USB cable length: 2 meters

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