Vibrogrip-Physiotherapy ‎Heating/Vibration Ball

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The fast way to rehabilitate from hand injuries

Bring an end to your painful hand injuries to feel what’s it like to be young once more! Vibrogrip uses proven physiotherapic methods to effectively heal you from any hindrance!

These simple yet powerful mechanisms used not only relieve you from recurring pain but also treat arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis and joint fatigue to put a stop to your suffering!

Using it daily guarantees a swift recovery from injuries and creates lasting benefits to the mobility, strength and health of your wrist and fingers to free you of any limitations!

Why Vibrogrip is for you

Recover from injuries- Take care of lasting trauma and injuries around your hands to regain your power from the pain!

Avoid permanent damage- Treat your arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, joint fatigue and stiffness to avoid lasting consequences to your health!

Alleviate any pain- Free yourself of aching and inflammatory discomfort to use your hands without having to endure any pain!

Lasting relief- Experience the lasing enhancement to your mobility, strength and health of your wrist and fingers!


Vibrogrip is the ultimate choice- Rehabilitate your hand at home from illnesses and injuries to live your life free of limitations!

☑️ Wrist Support Type, More Comfortable
☑️ Primitive Finger Passive Rehabilitation Training
☑️ Move the Dyskinesia Finger
☑️ Passive Finger Rehabilitation
☑️ Infrared Hot Compress Massage
☑️ Adjustable 5 Kinds of Massage Intensity
☑️ Promote Blood Circulation
☑️ Eliminate Hand Fatigue Caused By Long Working Hours

C:Finger wrist massage ball